Soil screening tests

Soil screening tests

Experiments conducted by the Soil Laboratory

Field Tests (Site Experiments)

- Field tests are carried out according to the type of soil and the need to prepare these tests, including:

1- Standard penetration test.
2- Pressure gauge test.
3- Rotational shear test.
4- Soil resistance test for cutting.
5- Test the scale of thermal expansion.
6- Determination of soil permeability coefficient.
7- Test for determining the strength of rock cohesion.
8- Determination of dry weight unit of soil.
9- Test the loaded disk.

Laboratory Tests :

1- Determination of humidity.
2- Determination of the limits of Atterberg.
3- Particle Size Distribution .
4- The weight unit of the soil.
5- Relative density.
6- Specific weight.
7- Compaction Test.
8- Determination of Californian bearing ratio.
9- Direct shear test.
10- Non-specific pressure test.
11- Determination of soil permeability coefficient.
12- Tests of anorexia or bulge soil.
13- Chemical analysis.

All these tests provide sufficient information to determine the characteristics of the soil, its parameters and other parameters used in the design of the foundations.