Asphalt inspection tests

Asphalt inspection tests

Experiments conducted by the asphalt laboratory

Field Tests (Site Experiments)

1- Control of asphalt materials.
2- Tests of measuring the density of the site for different layers of pavement
3- The work of the layers of the paving layers using the sampling device.

Laboratory Tests

1. Asphalt evaluation tests

- Penetration Test of Bitumen
- Flash Point Test of Bitumen
- Softening Point Test of Bitumen
- Ductility test of bitumen
- Kinematics viscosity test of asphalts
- Solubility test
- Volatility test

2 - Super pave method

- Test the pressure vessel over time
- Rotational viscosity test
- Dynamic Shear Rheometer
- Bending Beam Rheometer BBR test
- Direct Tension (DT) test

3. Tests for the assessment of aggregates and soil

- Aggregates Abrasion test
- Aggregates impact resistance test
- Compaction tests
- California Bearing Ratio CBR

4- Asphalt mixture tests

- Marshall method of design
- Superpave Method
- Assimilation test to determine the ratio of asphalt and the inclusion of solids